Promoting education, research & training in the field of construction law

Welcome to SCL India

SCL India was founded in 2016 to promote education, study, and research (and publication of the valuable results of such research) in the field of construction law and related subjects and its dissemination in India and overseas. SCL India has members from all stages of their professional careers who share an interest in construction law. These members include lawyers, arbitrators, experts, contractors, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, insurers, students, and so on.

SCL India was founded to plug the need for a body that would promote research and education in the field of construction law by providing a forum, a means by which this could be done. Thus, SCL India encourages the active involvement of all of its members and generates discourse across a broad spectrum of issues relating to construction law, including matters of policy and legislation, front-end issues, dispute avoidance, and all forms of dispute resolution.

The Society of Construction Law – India is affiliated with the Society of Construction Law – UK, founded in 1983.


Aims to promote education, study and research in the field of construction law & provide networking and educational opportunities to all professionals along with internationally published resources


Strictly independent of commercial interests, SCL India acts as a forum for the better understanding of construction law and its practical application in the industry in India and overseas.


Maintains ties with its sister societies overseas and other similar organizations so that members can take maximum benefit of their membership and stay up to date with the who, what, when, where.


Welcomes new members and invites anyone with a strong interest in construction law to apply for a membership and enhance their professional backgrounds and connections

Upcoming Event

Unveiling the legal landscape of Construction Law and Arbitration

Two Day International Conference On Construction Law & Arbitration

Dear Delegates,

Warm greetings from the Society of Construction Law (SCL-India), which is the Indian branch of the Society of Construction Law, UK, a leading international body pioneering in education, study and research in construction law for public benefit.

As the founder & chairman of SCL-India, it is with great pleasure that I invite you on behalf of SCL-India to be a delegate in our Two-day International Conference on Construction Law and Arbitration to be held in Kochi, Kerala on 6th – 7th July, 2024

Ratan K Singh
Senior Advocate & Arbitrator, Chairman, SCL India

Kochi, Kerala
6th - 7th July, 2024

Upcoming event