About Us

Discover the Society of Construction Law, a prestigious organization dedicated to advancing the field of construction law through education, collaboration, and advocacy.


Founded in 2016, SCL India was created to educate the stakeholders in the construction industry about construction law and to promote India-wide adherence to international standards and practices. Through its programs, scholarly publications and membership activities, led by many of the top global experts and supported by many of the most actively engaged organizations, corporations, law firms and individual practitioners, SCL India is an important forum on contemporary issues in the field of construction law.


The mission of SCL India is to provide leading educational and professional activities for all the stakeholder in the construction industry through programs and publications that examine, critique and seek to improve the practice and study of construction law and provide opportunities to enhance the construction industry and community/ pool of professionals.


SCL India is comprised of its Members, its Officer Bearers, its Working Groups, its Council of Advisors, its Board of Reporters and Leaders. Office Bearers are responsible for much of the working and activities of SCL India. The Working Groups meet five times a year to lead various projects and initiatives, which will be published and publicly available. The Council of Advisors advise SCL India and meet once a year to discuss the Society’s goal and initiatives. The Board of Reporters provides regular updates on fontcolorst developments in the field for publication online, as well as our newsletters. Our Leaders are tasked with specific responsibilities within the Society to help improve the Society’s functions and outreach.

Get Involved

Charitable, tax-deductible contributions play an essential role in allowing SCL India to carry out its mission to improve the quality of construction law and its allied fields in India through continuing education programs, activities, and events in India.

When you, your firm or corporation gives to SCL India, you help:

  • Educate young and experienced professionals from around India and the world in participating in our program
  • Give your support to effecting change in policies that need to be brought for the construction industry
  • Enable many of SCL India’s programs and activitie

We offer multiple opportunities to support our work; including organizing specific Working Groups, organizing Lecture Series, introducing Scholarship Programs, launching Academic Competitions, and Event Sponsorships. We encourage you to get involved today. SCL India can work on a joint planned giving by entering into a collaboration that supports SCL India’s mission and objectives.

Sponsoring an SCL India event is a great way to promote your firm or company while also providing financial support for the organization. SCL India offer multiple opportunities throughout the year. Costs and benefits vary between conferences, but customarily include free registration for one or more delegates and publicity to thousands of interested stakeholders. Specific conferences may also have additional sponsorship opportunities. For sponsors of multiple events, special discount packages may be available.


General Courses

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We are currently delivering our face-to-face membership courses, including our Introduction and Pathway courses, plus our Accelerated courses (which all lead to membership with CIArb) through our virtual classroom environment, and we hope to resume our face-to-face courses in the near future.

CIArb also offers a range of Professional Development e-learning courses available for our members and non-members.

Training with us offers:

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• Membership & Non-Membership Courses for all levels of experience
• Residential and accelerated membership (‘ARM’) and fellowship (‘ARF’) assessment for experienced professionals
• A global network of branches delivering our training
• Accommodating program of online study and face-to-face tutorials and support across our Membership & Non-Membership courses

'Regulatory Takings after Knick' by David Callies

August 20, 2020 • Member News

'Complicated Lives' by Sherri Burr

August 20, 2020 • Member News

'Regulatory Takings after Knick' by David Callies

August 20, 2020 • Member News

'Complicated Lives' by Sherri Burr​

August 20, 2020 • Member News